The Origin and Development of the Universe – should we be surprised we are here?

A Talk By Dr Chris Booth of Sheffield University

Chris started by talking us through the big bang to present day.  Explaining how the universe has developed into what we see today.  From the big bang through the processes inside stars and supernova explosions which have all moulded the cosmos we have today. 

He explained that physical laws appear fine-tuned to provide an environment for intelligent beings like ourselves to exist.  He theorised on what it would be like if the laws were tweaked slightly.  For instance if we added or took away a percentage point  or two on the figures, what would happen.  The fact is we would not have “happened”.  So our fine tuned physical laws are what have enabled us to be here. 

Chris, in conclusion, presented various possible scientific and philosophical explanations for why we are here.  He left it to us to draw our own conclusions.

The talk provoked many questions and Chris was able to answer them to our satisfaction.  He left us with food for thought and left us to answer, for ourselves, the question of “should we be surprised we are here?”

Marilyn Bentley