On Saturday the 20th January the observatory will be open from 7pm to the public for a special evening of astronomy. The theme is ‘In Celebration of Orion the Hunter’.

Why Orion? Well, Orion is a fabulous constellation. You can use it as a central location to learn various constellations and stars in the surrounding sky that are visible at this time of year to the south. But more than that, Orion has many fabulous hidden secrets that will astound you.

The whole of the constellation is covered in a huge gas cloud called the Great Orion Molecular Cloud Complex. There are many fascinating and beautiful objects to be seen in this cloud but not by the human eye alone. You need to use a camera. During the evening we’ll have a couple of repeating talks explaining about the constellation and surrounding area as seen by the human eye and about the incredible photographs that have captured the secrets of Orion.

Additionally, there will be a kiddies’ corner with fun activities, a marquee with hot food and drink on sale and a raffle with some great prizes. We’ll have lots of telescopes out that you can look through as well as our wonderful main telescope which you will be able to use in the observatory dome.

The cost of the evening is £3 per adult with free parking at Eyre Chapel just behind the Nag’s Head. Sorry but there won’t be any parking spaces available on Hastings Close.

Please wrap up warm and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for clear skies so that you can see the wonderful sights that await you in and around the constellation of Orion.

If you have any questions, please drop us an email via the Contact form on this website or gives us a call on 07517 510083.