The night was clear and the observatory buzzed with visitors. We had a wonderful turnout and some fantastic feedback despite the cold. Regrettably our small lecture room isn’t quite up to the number of visitors and so we are sorry for the long wait between talks. We try different approaches to deal with the problem but so far, it has been very challenging.

The view from the observatory couldn’t have been better. The beautiful crescent moon, bright twinkling stars and the theme of the event, the constellation of Orion dominated the southern sky. Our visitors – and our society members – took every opportunity to look at some of the best views the winter skies have to offer.

Hot food and drink helped to keep everyone warm and fun activities kept the children occupied.

It was a great night for everyone not least because of the amazing turnout we had of society members who gave up a lot of time to help visitors use our telescopes and to answer their questions.

I consider myself the lucky one in some ways because I spent the evening in the warmth of the lecture room telling our visitors all about Orion and the constellations around it. We had some great questions and I did my best to give some decent answers!

As for the money this raised, well, it was wonderful. The grand total was £423.88 from the entry fees, food sales and the raffle.

Thank you all so much for your support. It’s because of the generosity of our visitors and the dedication of our members that we are able to maintain the observatory and the wonderful astronomical equipment owned by our society.
I hope the experience inspires people to learn more about this amazing subject.
See you next time!