January the 5th saw members enjoy our annual Christmas Party.  There were quizzes, brain teasers, crosswords and of course plenty of food and drink!!  It was well attended and as it was a clear night there was something to view as well. 

Jim Fisher, as always devised and conducted the main quiz and told us there would be no controversy this year!!  The above picture shows the winning team (which if I’m not mistaken was called the Googlers) being presented with the cup.  Team Captain – Peter Davison with Rich Van Reissen, Dave Lester, Dave Blackburn and Matt Lenthall.  Congratulations to them.

In the other quiz (of my devising) the stumbling block was the following:

Fill in the next letters in the sequence:

O   S   S   F   M   O  G   ____   ____   ____

Most teams got it eventually.

Thanks to those of you who helped me clear away afterwards and thankfully there was very little to throw away.  Well done.

Happy New Year to you all.

Marilyn Bentley