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I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for having the 3rd WIngerworth Brownies for a visit last night (2nd March 2017). All the Brownies (& Leaders) really enjoyed the talk and the star gazing – we were so lucky having a clear night.  Many thanks Louisa.


 Please can you thank the astronomers who came out to Edale on Saturday 30th January. Despite the cloudy weather, our pupils thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and loved being able to go outside and see Jupiter and several constellations and stars. Please thank the astronomers for staying so late so this was possible!


We can't thank you all enough for such a warm welcome on Friday, it's so exciting to find a place and group of people so close to home that will help Natasha to continue with her studies with enthusiasm!

Will (my husband and Natty's dad) can't wait to visit... and is looking forward to bringing Natty over. I'll make sure he has the membership forms too!

Oh, and I forgot to say that I love the website and it's great to have something that views properly on phone and iPad too! Love it!

See you soon,



Thank you so much for having us; all the cubs really enjoyed their visit and I've emailed parents about visiting on Friday evenings so I'm sure you will have a few more come back. Please can you thank Mark as well for being so good with them. I've recommended you to a few other groups and friends last night.


We had a great time thank you.  The children have been talking about it all day.  We have a little autistic boy in our class, he was sat at the back with me.  His mum came in to school today to say he has been buzzing with facts all night.  It was really informative and your speaker was really engaging.  Yes, it would have been lovely to see some stars but never mind, next time.


Mark and his team at the Chesterfield Astronomy Society were invited to give 3 talks at Ashbourne, Bakewell and Matlock Library as part of our Science Fiction, Science Fact celebration in September. Annabel from Bakewell commented:

With regard to the Bakewell event there were 13 people who attended and all were very interested asking questions and contributing to the talk. I gather one person was so impressed they gave a donation to the Society. After the talk Mark and his two colleagues set up their telescopes outside, luckily it was a clear night so they were able to study the night sky. Mark is a very enthusiastic speaker who knows his astronomy.

We highly recommend the CAS to anyone looking for inspiring and engaging talks, they are flexible and are able to adapt to different audiences and abilities. A Chesterfield treasure!


My husband and myself visited your observatory on the evening of April the 24th.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who made us so welcome. We had a wonderful evening and are looking forward to being able to visit your observatory again. We promise not to win the raffle next time !!!

The evening proved to us that it is never too late to learn. We came away from there knowing much more about the skies, what's out there and how to locate Polaris (what a wonderful tip).

To see Jupiter with the/her(?) moons was awesome. The sight of the moon surface, looking close enough to reach out and touch it, was amazing.

Thank you all once again for the time, effort and patience that we were shown from all of the people that we met.


Having always had a layman's interest in astronomy I recently purchased my first telescope, but then was unsure about what to do. How should I set it up? What should I look at? I felt I needed expert but friendly advice, and I found it at the Barnett Observatory off Newbold Road. What a welcoming bunch. 

I was quickly assisted in all the technical stuff and was soon chatting to people as if I'd known them all my life. I thought they'd all be nerdy types, pulling their scientists' beards while puffing on their pipes (even the women!), or else they might look down on a mere beginner with his cheap basic telescope, but not a bit of it. In fact, they were just ordinary folks like you and me - all ages, all levels of expertise. I felt completely reassured and right at home.

Anyone tentatively thinking of trying their hand and eye at amateur astronomy will find support, encouragement and a warm welcome from the gang at the Chesterfield Astronomical Society, whether as an occasional visitor or as a full member - and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

This gentleman has now joined our membership.  Many thanks for this, it is very gratifying to know people enjoy their time at the Observatory.


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