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Transit of Mercury

On Monday 9th May there is a transit of Mercury across the Sun.  The Observatory will be open from around Noon and the transit starts at 12:12 and ends at 19:40.  Hopefully during these seven hours we will be lucky enough with the weather to see this!  Members of the public are welcome to join us. We will have telescopes with solar filters attached so that the transit can be seen.

The Society AGM

The society's AGM is to be held on the 6th of May at the observatory starting at 7pm. The length of the meeting cannot be guaranteed so vistors planning to come to the observatory on the 6th should bear this in mind. Whilst we do not wish to discourage visitors, it might be sensible to join us on a different evening.

The agenda was distributed with the April newsletter and is also available from the link below.

AGM 2016 Agenda

It would be appreciated if all members could attend this important meeting where their input is important in determining the future direction of the society.

Gravitational Waves

Recent news articles announced the detection of gravitational waves; something Einstein predicted about 100 years ago. Visitors to our website might be interested to learn more about this subject and a link is provided below to the LIGO website that explains all about the discovery.

The LIGO website

The Chesterfield Barnett Observatory

Our observatory is open every Friday from 8pm onwards until the last person leaves. We always give visitors a warm welcome so if you'd like to join us, please feel free to do so. You don't need to book your visit, just pop over to see us and we'll show you around and make sure you get the opportunity to do some stargazing too if the weather is with us. We rely on the generosity of the local community to keep the observatory open so please can you place a small donation of £2 in out visitors' pot when you visit.

If you'd like to learn more about the observatory, click on the menu item 'Our Observatory' at the top of this page.

We very much hope that you will come and visit us on a Friday evening when we will make sure you have an astronomically good time :)

Address : Hastings Close, Newbold, Chesterfield, S41 8RH

Tel: 0751 751 0083

Please go to the bottom of this page for a map showing the location of the observatory

Amazon Purchases

If you are thinking of making a purchase from Amazon, then please click the banner below, The Society will, without any extra cost to you whatsoever, receive a commission on your purchase. The Society has to date raised £358.45 as a result of purchases through our link.

Your kind and continued support is really appreciated. Please note the Amazon link may not be visible on some browsers. Our apologies for this problem.


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